To create a minimum of 10 new millionaires per year. 
We focus on helping top producing professionals reach elite income status by putting automated sales systems and follow up sequences in place. 
  • Integrity - We do what we say we are going to do
  • Hustle - We use hard work and innovation to make things happen
  • Discipline - We don't stop until we are finished
  • No Excuses - We only have ourselves to blame in success and failure.
New Client Intake Process:
This is the call where the office assistant sets expectations for the client on the outcome of the next 6 months. The OA will explain what all is involved, how the process works and what to expect of me. Before the first coaching call takes place, the client must have filled out the welcome form and given me details of their goals and present situation. 
First Coaching Call:
This is where I go into discovery mode with the client. Exploring what they are doing now, what they want to do and what they need to do. On this hour long call, we will outline a plan of attack to hit their goals. 

Also on this call I will explain the coaching process with me. The client gets 1, 30 minute phone calls with me each month. The time is recurring on a specific date and are set on this call. I also give them unlimited access to me via email. Which I answer within 24 hours. 

Also on this call I make sure the client knows how to fill out the forms, how to access the information and how to get the information they need. I'll set the expectations of how to work with me, my team and their team as well. I also explain to them how they can come to a BFA Live as part of this. 
Weekly Coaching Calls:
The 90 minute call takes place 1X each week. This is for me to hold the clients accountable and make sure they are doing what they are supposed to do. This allows me to delegate where they need to go to get what they need to get as well. 
Bottom Line Benefits:
  • Unlimited support via email from Ryan Stewman $30,000 Value
  • Access and support from the entire PTE team (2 hours per month, no rollover) $25,000 Value
  • Weekly Coaching Call with Ryan (group)
  • Marketing Autopsy with Break Free Academy Team
  • Motivational Monday Calls $26,000 Value
  • Fly in Fridays (20 at a time) $10,000 Value
  • 1 BFA Event $5,000 Value
  • Weekly Video Trainings $8,000 Value
  • FB Group for active members 
>> Total Value: $137,500
Client Responsibility:
- Post to FB 2X's per day
- Post in FB groups 1X per day
- Post on Linkedin 2X's per day
- Add 5 new people to FB group
- Add 5 new prospects to CRM
- 1X per week coaching calls to verify work being done
- FB group 
- Unlimited access via FB messenger
- Weekly check in sheets
Weekly Tasks:
- Have one new funnels with ads running to it
- Create and deploy sales funnels weekly
- Watch weekly training email
Monthly Goals:
- The monthly goal sheet will be filled out each month
- This sheet is clear and concise on what they want to make happen
- When we do our monthly call I check this entire sheet to see if we are on track
- Help from the BFA crew for the client
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